Jared Lyman Photography




JPGs in 2 Days! – Digital images are usually available for download the same day, at the latest they are ready two days after the event.  

Prints in 5-Days – Prints can be ordered online and are printed (by a professional photo lab) and mailed within 5 days of the order.


A modern photography set conveys the importance of the win to dog owners and “non-dog” people alike.

1) Backdrop – A contemporary backdrop that reflects current styles.

2) Club’s Logo & AKC Sign – The prestige of the win is enhanced with your club’s logo converted to a modern and clean format. Often times the club and AKC logos are an after thought, detracting from the photo and more importantly the importance of the win.

3) Clean/Modern Podium – The dog becomes the center of attention with a winner’s podium that has clean lines and a minimal look. It has a non-slip surface and is strong enough to hold 200 pounds.

4) Winning Titles – The importance of the win is conveyed by large, easy-to-read winning titles.

5) Temporary Flooring – The reputation of the event is enhanced by portable flooring, hiding drab cement.


Professional Lighting – My three light set up accentuates the dog’s contour and draws the viewers eye to the dog. Good photos are a result of great lighting, this can’t be emphasized enough. 

Industry best camera & lenses – Sharp images at a high resolution results in crisp photos which accommodates extreme crops without pixilation. Below is an example of what can be done. I shoot with Nikon’s flagship camera, the Z9, a 45MP, 120 frames-per-second mirrorless camera.

Photoshop Skills – Your photos will be free of slight imperfections. With my 20+ years photoshop experience I can remove unwanted objects, spot remove lint and stray hairs, correct color casts, straighten images and more. 

Post Processing – Your images are optimized in photoshop to look their best. Each photo goes through my post-processing workflow as shown below. The first image is straight from the camera, the second is after my standard edits.

Contact me now to reserve your dates! 

jared@jaredlyman.com  or  206-465-1172